Hacking Apple Security Report System


This article is about i found a bug in apple security report system while i reported several reports to apple product security.

Apple security has 9 digit number system for example like 123654987 to provide followup to their reports but this system can be hacked to update the reports as well as to gain information from the reports.

I have tested only on my reports by using my 2 test emails.


For test i have submitted the reply to credit my actual report with other email using the victim report id.

In the below image you can see the attacker email xxxkar4@gmail.com is replying to the victim report id XXXXXX552 to credit the information like below.

After one day i got the reply to the attackers email XXXkar4@gmail.com mentions that the credit is updated in the records and the reply is sent to the attackers email not the victim email you can see below image.


Next for testing i have tried to retrieve the information like title of my report using the attackers email XXXXkar4@gmail.com with the victim report id XXXXXX885

After 3 days i got the reply about the title of the report to the attackers email XXXXkar4@gmail.com

On FEB 6 2021 i reported this bug to the apple security team

And next day i got the response that they are investigating the issue.

On may 14 2021 After some delay like 3 months i got the below response from apple “They said that they are planning to address this issue in future security update”

On jun 18 2021 i got reply from apple security they said that “They will address the issue with long term solution” view the below image.

Next i have asked for updates for months.

On september 17 2021 i got the response from apple security saying that “They are unable locate the report with XXXXXX315” They asked email and also asked to very the report id which i submitted with.

On October 12 2021 i got reply from apple security To the original report i.e XXXXXX315 saying that “This is not treated as security issue”.


The security reports are in number format so attacker will reply to the reports and also can get information from the reports.

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