Blind XSS in Apple School- Enrollment Data Disclosure


I’am Hackrzvijay

I have found blind xss in apple school during october 2020.

Reproduction Steps:

During researching apple i have found one subdomain

In the enrollment form i have added my xss hunter payload multiple times which was created by iammandatory

After adding the payload the enrollment data has fired in my xss hunter within 5 to 10 seconds.

Nearly 420 records have been disclosed at the time of research but large number is possible in real time if continuously payload is added.

Above is the data and below is the proof that my xsshunter payload has executed.

The data discloses like

Organization name
enrollee firstname and last name
assigned apple employee email
organziation type

Attacker if continuously adds the xsshunter payloads so he can get data in real time within 5 to 10 seconds.


First attacker executes the vulnerable code in the back end.

Next attacker will retrieves the enrollment data in large number.

I have reported immediately to apple security and they fixed the bug immediately.

Reported: October 13th 2020

Bounty Rewarded: $5,000 on june 3rd 2021

Thanks to apple security Team!

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